7 February, 2020

Turn old into new

What is the best value?

When the current cost of building materials are taken into consideration, it’s often more economical to simply rebuild a property since the renovation of the old home is often more expensive.

This is very clear when you calculate the relevant costs per square meter (based on HIA research).

When you are assisted by Code Homes it will be entirely possible to upgrade your existing home to a sophisticated contemporary design which will allow you to make more effective use of the available land, create more effective living spaces and enjoy the beauty of modern construction materials crafted into your new home.

It is always best to do business with a reputable and well-established building company.

Let Code Homes help you with planning advice

Building and planning can be time-consuming and complicated and it can be difficult trying to keep up with local Councils and Government departments.

We can assist you with:

  • Houses, dual occupancies or townhouse
  • Development approvals
  • State Government approvals
  • Construction options and appropriate relevant rules.

According to The Housing Industry Association ( HIA ):

“Today’s new homes and renovations are much cleaner and greener than the homes of the past. New homes must include energy efficiency and water efficiency features aimed at helping the homeowner save money, and reducing the demand on our precious natural resources.”

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