7 February, 2020

Two homes, one block.

Dual Occupancies (Duplexes) and Granny Flats

Code Homes has the experience in maximising your land to build wealth.

Unlock the wealth in your property

You might have a piece of land which is large enough to allow for two homes. This can double the income from your property, as well as its expected growth over the next decade or two. Many people today own old homes which have tremendous sentimental value for that family and therefore, do not want to sell that property even though the property can no longer provide them with the level of comfort which they may desire.

Dual Occupancies (Duplexes)

Building a duplex is a great option for a bigger block of land. A duplex is usually a double-storey, to fully utilise the block space and is usually the most efficient form of dual-occupancy.

Duplexes and dual-occupancy homes are increasing in popularity. This is providing high-density living conditions which are becoming extremely attractive to occupiers, home-owners and investors. There are many reasons why this option is attractive.

Benefits of a Duplex:

A duplex is one certain way for investors to gain an optimized return on investment because duplexes provide them with two income streams instead of one. An additional benefit is the fact that they do not have the inconvenience of additional costs such as Body Corporate fees and separate rates, which are applicable when it comes to independent land title ownership.

 Granny Flats

Another form of dual occupancy is the granny flat which is limited to a maximum of 60 sq metres, and because of their small size, approval can be done by a private certifier, eliminating the need for the council process.

Benefits of a Granny Flat:

  • Could provide a rental income which can help to pay off the mortgage.
  • Can be used as accommodation for an elderly parent or another relative.
  • The granny flat can add value to your property and could be an appealing proposition to many potential purchasers
  • Can be a separate office space for your growing business.

Let us help you make a decision.

Code homes have been building duplex homes for over 30 years. With our experience building on all sorts of lots, we can advise you about how a duplex could work on your land. To find out more, book a call with us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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