Why is buying a display home 
from Code Homes a great investment?

A secured rental return

With a secured rental return, display homes can be a great option for the astute investor.

Why not consider buying a working Code Homes display home as an investment?

Lease back with secured rent

Once the build is complete, the property is sold as a working display home with Code Homes leasing it back over an agreed period. Having a reputable company as your tenant provides the security of knowing the rent will be paid every time and on time.

No Maintenance​​

Your tenant, Code Homes has an enormous incentive to keep the property in pristine condition.

Code Homes will fully maintain the property inside and out over the agreed period of the lease. We will cover all utility costs during the life of the display home and arrange for the property to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

Premium fittings, fixtures and landscaping​​

Display Homes have many inclusions you would normally have to pay extra for.

These finishes are selected by our qualified interior designers combined with professional landscaping to maximise the value and appeal of your property.

Find out how you can benefit from this great investment opportunity.
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