Frequently asked questions

How long would it take to build my new home?

Depending on the complexity, the size, the weather and time of year, typically it takes 26 weeks to 32 weeks. However we will not compromise on our quality simply to finish the job early. We are not in the business to impress you with starting early and finishing quickly to only then disappoint you with lots of issues that will need fixing later.

What sort of warranty do you offer?

Code Homes conducts a final walk through inspection with you prior to handover of keys to address any issues. A 90-day warranty maintenance period after handover then applies. The final inspection allows for a smooth handover minimising issues once you have taken possession. However within that 90 day warranty period any utility issues are dealt with immediately and anything else we attend to within a 60 day window.

We also provide a 6 year warranty for any major defects and 2 year warranty for minor defects.

Can I modify the plans listed for sale?

Yes, all our designs have been architecturally designed, however if you require any modifications we will certainly do our best to accommodate. Some minor changes are generally permitted to listed properties to suit your needs. Colours: you will get the freedom to select from one of our colour schemes (viewable at our display homes at Austral). You can also select your own colour scheme if you choose too. Changes that seem minor to you that require plan changes can be a long involved process, however as we have been building for over 30 years we have the experience to get the job done with minimal fuss.

Can I get Code Homes to design and build a custom home for me?

Yes we can design a concept sketch and have it quoted. If you have your own plans drawn we can provide a free estimate after meeting with you. Note an estimate is not a quote and final quotes may vary when site costs, size and features all have been considered and allowed for. Custom design is a much longer process and as a plan does not exist at time of estimate, we cannot provide an upfront fixed price.

Can I view the progress of my property by entering the site?

No sorry you are unable to do that. Due to OHS, and insurance requirements, only people holding a current construction industry whitecard can legally access a construction site unescorted. We take the safety of our workers and customers very seriously and therefore we do not allow access of the property during construction unless it is part of a scheduled meeting with a Code Homes representative. You will be offered the opportunity to have a walk through of your new home at the final inspection stage prior to handover. You may drive past the property at any time, but you must remain on the outside of the temporary fencing.

What kind of communication can I expect from you throughout the building process?

At each stage of the building process, Code Homes will issue the progress payment invoice for the work that has been completed to date. Unless there are major concerns that we can foresee which may delay the construction of your home, we generally do not provide regular updates. However, you are welcome to email our head office or talk to your sales consultant if you have any questions.

Can I use my own tradesmen?

No, as this will void any warranty and also will void any warranty that is associated with that item.

Do you have an architect?

Yes, our external architects have worked for us for many years and specialises in all facets of the building industry bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Code Homes. Our registered team of architects work closely with many of the consultants such as the engineers and certifiers to ensure a smooth process from beginning to end.

I own my own land, can I engage Code Homes to build my home?

Code Homes have many designs to choose from that fit on most blocks. Once you pick a design that you like we will advise if it will fit on your block. We will meet with you initially at our display homes in Austral to discuss your needs. We then will sketch onto your block and quote on the design you choose with our inclusion list and your selected options. If this looks favourable to you, we will then send our team of qualified builders to visit your block personally to view flatness, slope and easements. Then if you are happy for a small fee we will take the information to our architects to draw up plans and then we can confirm a quote which will include allowances for site costs, soil class, all certifiers approval fees. This type of quote will be sufficient for you to submit to your bank for finance approval. 

Now if you would rather us design a custom home for you then that's great too, as we love to do this. Code Homes is a builder not just a company that builds spec homes. We have the experience to build anything. Our earlier days in the business saw us build commercial shops, factories, residential units and custom homes. So please talk to us before you decide what to do, so we can give you professional advice on the best option of design to suit your block, without any obligation.

What do you need to know about my block before we can build my home?

● Land levels and contours?
● Is there good access to your site
● Is sewerage connected to your land?
● Is power connected?
● What stage of development are neighbouring properties in?
● Is there a storm water pit?
● Are boundary pegs on the land?
● Is there a gas connection point at the land?
● Are water and water mains connected?

These are just a few things that need to be considered, how please visit us at our display homes in Austral or call our friendly staff to discuss further.

Does Code Homes purchase land?

Yes, if you have land for sale please contact us to discuss the details. We buy development sites and individual blocks. Please call us if you would like us to visit your land and access if we can do business together that mutually is beneficial to us both.

Do you have a list of Standard Inclusions when building a home?

A standard inclusion list is a list that details what goes into a builders price as an absolute minimum. This is generally used as a starting point for preliminary estimates and a good way of comparing what builders include in their prices. Click HERE to download our standard inclusions list. Upgrades on all inclusions are available . Please come in and visit us at one of our display homes to discuss options. We will provide an all-inclusive estimate for the construction of your home based on the inclusions you decide is best for you. Should the estimate exceed expectations we can easily make recommendations on the inclusions to meet your budget.

Do you have display homes that we can see your standard inclusions?

Yes, visit us at the Corner of Haybale St & Fourth Ave, Austral. Here you would be able to see what are standard inclusions and the available upgrade options. Our display homes would give you a good feel of the size of rooms and layout of our homes.